Brockville forest

Brockville Forest is located on SH 4, 37 kilometres north of Wanganui.

The forest partnership has two age classes that are 19 and 20 years old respectively in July 2013, silvicultural tending of the forest was completed in 2003.

The partnership was floated in 1993 all capital of $1,520,000 has been collected, and the 200 unit holders in the Special Partnership each have a limited liability of $7,600. Brockville's 197ha forest is independently valued each year the unit holders jointly own the 243.0 ha title of land that was valued at $480k in 2008.

The forest has 183.1 hectares ETS registered as post 1989 forestlands and 13 hectares registered as pre 1990 forestlands.

Each year unit holders receive audited accounts and a forest newsletter that details all the management and maintenance that has been carried out on the property. Additional details on tree growth, valuations and carbon sequestration are supplied to unit holders. 

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