Winch Assisted Feller Buncher Working in Greenoch Forest

Mangoihe Logging have brought their winch assisted feller buncher into Greenoch Forest to work with the Mangoihe 1 hauler crew. The Tigercat LS855C will fell and bunch wood so it can be extracted to the skid easily by the hauler.

The machine is tethered via wire rope to a modified CAT322 excavator. The anchor machine has two winch drums which are remotely controlled by the operator in the felling machine. This set up means the majority of suitable hauler settings can be felled without a man on the ground using a chainsaw. The wire rope assists the feller buncher in manouvering up and down slopes, although the winch is weight limited so that it never supports more than half the machine's weight.

The Tigercat can cut and also bunch the felled stems so that extraction via the hauler is quicker. This can lead to improved production which saves costs while also making the operation safer.

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