Grappling with Madill 120 in McQuade Forest

Winter logging is well underway in McQuade Forest with Mangoihe Logging now into their second hauler setting. With the recent downturn in log prices it has been a good time to try some new systems, with the emphasis on production not being as heavy. The grapple was fitted last Friday and production has been steady considering that the grapple had not been used for a few years and the current hauler operator had never used one before.

The advantages of using a grapple are clear. Compared to running a scab skyline system there are less workers on the cutover so danger from moving logs usually associated with breaking out is almost eliminated. There is no time lost whilst retreating a safe distance either after hooking up or after unhooking in the chute. The cost to the crew is less as less man power is needed to run the system.

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