Grappling with hauler in McQuade Forest

To improve efficiencies while logging in McQuade Forest, logging contractor Mangoihe Logging has equipped its Madill 120 Swing Yarder with a grapple system. By using spotters who communicate with the hauler operator via radio they are able to drop the grapple onto a stem, close it and pull it back to the skid to be processed without a person on the ground touching the log. Not only does this improve productivity by reducing the time taken to manually hook up and retreat a safe distance before the drag can commence, it also improves safety by taking workers from the potentially dangerous position of working amongst fallen trees.

As well as a grapple Mangoihe have also introduced an excavator type tailhold machine, where ropes are attached to a "T-bar" on top of the boom. The ropes can then be moved easily so they are in line with trees on the ground, making placement of the grapple much easier.

As well as these improvements, Mangoihe are also looking at applying a camera on the grapple so the hauler operator has a better view of the hillside and doesnt necessarily have to rely on others to assist with placing the grapple using verbal communication. It will also help to reduce the labour cost of the operation.

Improvements in production allow a decrease in costs which adds to the forest owners return. 

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