Clearfell harvesting begins in Greenoch Forest

Full time clearfell harvesting began in Greenoch Forest late in February 2016. Mangoihe Logging's Madill 120 swing yarder crew is currently working in the forest although once the current setting is finished, Mangoihe's Thunderbird tower hauler crew will swap and remain in Greenoch for the rest of the harvest period. It is expected that harvesting will take 3-4 years to complete with one hauler.

Current production is around 8-9 truck loads of logs per day with 60% of that volume going to Waverley Sawmills, 10% to Karioi Pulp Mill or Tangiwai Sawmill and the balance to export. Export logs are trucked to Wanganui where they are transferred to rail wagons and then transported via train to Wellington Port. The process of using rail to transport logs saves the forest around $5 per tonne on log cartage.

Roadline harvesting and road and skid construction continues in Greenoch. It is hoped the majority of the roads and skids will be built by the end of this summer although it is expected that some work will need to be carried out next summer in order to complete the construction of necessary harvest infrastructure.

Export log prices are favourable at the moment, mostly due to low shipping costs and the weakening of our dollar against the US. It is unknown what prices will do going into winter, some are predicting another dip as inventories in China increase. Domestic log prices are also up as a reflection of the inflated export prices.

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