2014/2015 Forest Financials and Newsletter Update

Notice of the AGM’s for all 8 Special Partnerships were sent to all Unit holders on Friday 11th September 2015. This was to enable the statutory requirement of 14 days notice to be given.The preparation of the Audited Accounts had not been completed by this date due to timing issues. These will be posted on the Arbor website, along with newsletters as soon as available.

The AGMs will be held as follows:

Location: Shearer's Quarters - Greenoch Forest, Hawken Road (off State Highway 4), Wanganui

Date: Saturday 26th September 2015

Time: 10am

Please RSVP to either woody@arbor.co.nz or tony@groome.co.nz. Alternatively you can contact the Wanganui Office or any other Arbor staff member if you wish.

There will also be a Waverley Sawmills Open Day on Friday 25th September at 1pm. This opportunity will provide investors with a sawmill tour to view this log processing facility. As all forests have a log supply agreement, it is a vital component to adding value to its log produce. Visitors will see the new heat plant in operation.
Please e mail: info@arbor.co.nz if you are able to attend the Open Day. Pruned logs or saw logs from either McQuade or Greenoch Forests will be being processed on the day.

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