Arbor Forestry

The Arbor Group of companies has been promoting and managing superior forestry investments for investors since 1981. Arbor Management Ltd manages over 50 forests on behalf of their owners mainly in the Wanganui/Rangitikei Districts. The Auckland office manages forests in the Rodney, Manukau and Waikato Districts.

The companies objective is to provide cost effective, innovative and professional services to its investors and forest owners. This is an ongoing challenge when harvest returns have been significantly reduced. 

Arbor has focused on promoting and growing most of its forests in the Wanganui region, due to land prices, the superior tree growth rates, favourable climatic conditions and the region has an established roading/rail network and a limited number of wood processors.

The experienced staff at Arbor assist potential forest owners in locating suitable bare land hill country properties for establishing in trees. The company prepares a feasibility report and cashflows, acquires the necessary local and regional body consents for the project and then undertakes the development on behalf of the owner. Over the last 27 years the Arbor team has developed a network of contractors and professionals to assist in all aspects of a forestry development. This includes liaising with Horizons Regional Council staff for obtaining SLUI funding for converting eroding hill country into forest plantations.

With the global interest in Carbon Forestry and the concern about mitigating harmful greenhouse gases Arbor has taken an active role in this evolving topic and through its professional affiliations has a clear understanding on the concept. Trees are good for the planet and Arbor has the expertise to assist forest owners into developing carbon forests or production forests or a mix of both.